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Gravel Tips from the SBG Team

We've created these tips to help you with your gravel riding. You can even print the tips card out and keep it with your gear.

  • Body Positioning - RELAX, center weight, shift forward/backward to maintain traction, keep elbows bent, keep your head up.

  • Braking - Use both the front and rear brake to control speed, apply smoothly & gradually, avoid skidding, break BEFORE the turn.

  • Cornering- Look ahead and anticipate, look through the corner, lean bike, turn hips (not hands).

  • Descending- Maintain momentum, center weight over bike, lower your center of gravity, hands in the drops.

  • Climbing- Relax shoulders, open chest, hands on top of bar, keep traction, smooth & steady pedal stroke, anticipate needed gear.

  • Washboard- Use arms & legs as suspension, keep knees slightly bent, maintain momentum, stand if needed to maintain. control

  • Mud & Sand- Lower tire pressure, shift weight back and forth, ride in lower gear with high cadence, look ahead.

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